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Our services include land planning, engineering, construction management, environmental protection, consulting, and project management.


We are experienced in taking projects from concept to completion with respect for the environment, local communities, and stakeholders. 

Feasibility Studies

We understand the importance of public approval to create solutions that meet our customers needs as well as the needs of the local community and environment.

From concept to completion, we have the knowledge, experience, and technical skills to manage each step along the way with precision and care.

Public Consultation & Community Engagement

At Aster, we understand that stakeholder concerns and respective political and community support can be integral to the successful completion of land development projects.

Our team is highly capable and skillful in acting on these concerns in order to secure both community and political backing. We are dedicated to creating quality solutions while honouring the needs of stakeholders and ensuring the most beneficial outcome for everyone involved.

Project Management

Our project management services are second to none, provided by an experienced team of project managers and the knowledge, experience, and technical skills to effectively oversee every step of the project.

From concept to completion, we are dedicated to creating tailored solutions that meet our customers needs while respecting the land, the environment, and surrounding communities.

We have the capability and determination to deliver projects that exceed expectations, allowing us to create a better future through sustainable and practical land development.